Parcel Delivery Lockers


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Gone are the days of arriving home to find out you have missed an important parcel delivery from a courier. Rescheduling delivery or finding the time to pick up your parcel can be difficult!

The Vlocker Click and Collect Parcel Delivery system is available 24/7 for customers to pick up their parcels at their leisure. Customers simply register on the Vlocker website to receive their personalized locker delivery address to use when purchasing on-line....and that's it! An email/text will be sent to the customer with locker access authentication details once goods are ready for collection. How easy is that!

Vlocker electronic lockers and access terminals combined with Vlocker’s comprehensive software suite provide a complete solution for click and collect parcel delivery.

"Reducing the cost of Last Mile Delivery"

The key to our successful solution is combining a proven, reliable and secure locker system with a suite of software allowing for complete scalability,
high availability and redundancy as well as a range of “Apps” and/or “APIs” to be used by on-line or traditional retailers, logistics and transport companies and customers dropping off and picking up parcels.

Vlocker “Apps” are platform independent and span web based apps, PC based apps, Server based services and mobile apps.

Vlocker Parcel Delivery System

Vlocker Parcel Delivery System

System features:
• Interconnected global locker network
• Centralised configuration and maintenance of all deployed locker sites
• Centralised or Local management of locker network
• APIs provided for easy integration
• Software designed for high availability and redundancy
• Includes customer website for registering and paying for locker delivery system
• Includes delivery agent website for managing logistics, run scheduling, locker loading and returns
• All software and hardware can be branded and themed
• Various payment gateways
• Country specific payment gateways developed as required
• No payment required at locker terminal - payment made on web site when registering

Locker features:
• Rugged / Vandal Proof
• Various size lockers including custom sizes
• Refrigerate Lockers available for parcel delivery
• Optional module available for refrigerated and frozen grocery delivery
• Optional module available for laundry drop-off and collection

Access terminal features:
• Secure communications with locker network using LAN/3G/4G
• Redundancy allows continued operation if Comms are down
• Touch screen
• 1D/2D Barcode Scanner
• Help line using VOIP
• Lighting
• Roof
• Temperature control
• Tamper alarm

Technical Requirements

Vlocker Technical Requirements, Click and Collect

Vlocker Architecture

Vlocker Architecture, Parcel Click and Collect

The Vlocker Click n Collect Parcel Delivery system includes a range of software designed to facilitate a global locker network with high availability and complete redundancy, while allowing both centralised and remote management.

The modular design allows easy integration by third parties using APIs and supports various applications from web sites, web services, windows applications and mobile device applications. All databases use Microsoft SQL Server with each location having a sub-set of the global database specific to the location. All public modules can be renamed, rebranded and themed as required to suit the customer requirements.

APIs provide easy integration by third party software to all locker functions including:

• Locker status view/change
• Locker loading and returns
• Opening lockers
• Send/ Receive orders
• Locker transaction history
• Locker alarms and alerts
• Payment gateways
• User and security management
• Locker network maintenance
• Locker communications functions


V-Central is the core part of the vlocker system. It is the central hub to handle and record all transactions and locker interactions throughout the global vlocker network.
Includes SQL Server database
Usually 1 per global locker network

V-Control is a back-end application running at each locker location that allows management of individual lockers. It is the entry point for communication with V-Central in order to push/pull transaction and configuration data to/from V-Central.
Includes SQL Server database containing a sub-set of V-Central database for specific locker location
Usually 1 per locker location
Usually installed on Access Terminal computer alongside V-Parcel application

Website used to manage and configure global locker network. Used by operations, customer service, I.T and technical support teams.

Website used for customers and delivery agents to book, pay for and manage deliveries and returns.

Windows App running on Access Terminal at locker location allowing parcel pickup.